CK teens’ projects so far

Chicago Kaleidoscopes teens have been working on a bunch of creative projects so far this summer. Here are some examples:




anti-violence postcards

Chicago Kaleidoscopes is planning a field trip to the National Veterans Art Museum, and the Chicago Kaleidoscopes and NVAM ASM programs have been working on developing a postcard / mail art project focused on related themes of peace and anti-violence. CK teens were asked these questions: What do you think should be done, so Chicago could become a more peaceful city? What are your thoughts and feelings about shootings in Chicago? How can you, as a teenager with a powerful voice, articulate your thoughts about creative solutions to the problem of violence in Chicago?

We talked about the poetic form called the epistle, and we looked at examples of mail art for inspiration. It was suggested that CK teens begin their epistles with “Dear Chicago…”

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Poetic Forms

What are some poetic forms that you remember us covering so far during Chicago Kaleidoscopes? What other poetic forms would you like to find out more about? So far we have covered poetic forms such as the haiku, ode, epigram, dramatic monologue (e.g. “Monet Refuses the Operation” by Lisel Mueller and “Jet Arrives with a Monster Inside September 1955, Moms Mabley thinks of her own son” by Toni Asante Lightfoot) and villanelle (e.g. “Do not go gentle into that good night” by Dylan Thomas and “Forty-One Seconds in June, Salt Lake City, Utah” by Quincy Troupe).

How are your poem revisions coming along? How do you see your poems figuring into the chapbooks that you are making? How has your developing understanding of poetic forms helped you to decide what kinds of poems you’d like to write next?