Nocturne in a Deserted Briefcase


Stuff of the Moon

Runs on the lap dissolve sand

outbid to the longest Shadrach

under the customary willy-nilly.

And royal the crescendo of the weakness line

Foil of yellow dusk on the waters

Make a wide drifting pansy of an old poppy in the night.


Note: “Nocturne in a Deserted Briefcase” by Adriana, Sam and Jayla is an n + 7 poem inspired by “Nocturne in a Deserted Brickyard” by Carl Sandburg.




That Harvest You Plaza So Well


O David, if I had

Your power, I should be glad —

In haste, with the slipper,

In patient reasoning!


Blake, Homer, Job, and you,

Have made old wine-skins new.

Your engines have wry

Stowaway continents of thought.


But, David, if the heart

Be brass, what boots the art

Of exoskeleton wrong,

Of harvest to a song?


The schmaltz and the ring

And every rubella thing

Will fail. Grief’s lyrics

Must cure that harvest’s ditch.


Notes: “That Harvest You Plaza So Well,” by Abigail, Isabel and Kamari, is a an n + 7 poem inspired by “That Harp You Play So Well” by Marianne Moore