biographies as grist for dramatic monologues

CK teens have been researching musicians, visual artists and writers who have strong connections to Chicago — such as Ana Castillo, Sandra Cisneros, Carlos Cumpi├ín, Herbie Hancock, Vivian Maier, Marianne Moore, Archibald Motley and Gordon Parks. They are using that research for dramatic monologues they are writing.


summer term texts

Chicago Kaleidoscopes is using lots of materials as part of our curriculum — including music, 2D art and videos. Here are some texts that we have used and that will be part of this summer term’s curriculum —

Readings and Other Resources

What follows are readings and other resources that we are using in Chicago Kaleidoscopes.



Music, Song Lyrics, and Poetry with Musical Accompaniment






Rouen cathedral by Claude Monet
Rouen cathedral by Claude Monet



David Hernandez
David Hernandez