CK teens’ projects so far

Chicago Kaleidoscopes teens have been working on a bunch of creative projects so far this summer. Here are some examples:




Solo oye tambores / Nothing but drums


This audio recording of Chicago Kaleidoscopes teens reading “Solo oye tambores” / “Nothing but drums” by Oscar Hijuelos, with CK teens playing percussion, was made during the Summer 2016 term at Prosser Career Academy. The Spanish translation from the English is by Alejandro Garcia Reyes.

“Solo oye tambores” / “Nothing but drums” is published in Cool Salsa: Bilingual Poems on Growing Up Latino in the United States, edited by Lori M. Carlson.

“Pop Goes the Dream” by JaHai and Jonathan


The man with a hot air balloon

Had a vision

To trot the globe

A goal he had to accomplish.


The man with a hot air balloon

Looked Trouble in his face

Wing guzzling at the ropes

Deadly angling of transportation


The man with a hot air balloon

Gave his all and more

Yet he knew his faith wasn’t good

As he crashed into the doleful ground



The man without a hot air balloon

Lost so much but gained more

Knowing the sky isn’t home for everyone

It is a privilege and not a right





Chicago Kaleidoscopes’ Summer Term

We’re getting ready for the summer term! Chicago Kaleidoscopes will be at Prosser Career Academy High School this summer, and recruiting is underway. This summer’s Chicago Kaleidoscopes program is a six week program (June 27th-August 4th) that meets Mondays-Thursdays (8 a.m.-noon).

If you’re a teen who is interested in applying for a spot in Chicago Kaleidoscopes, follow these steps:

  • Go to the After School Matters website, and click on the “apply now” link.
  • Log into your ASM account, or create an ASM account for yourself.
  • You can search for this program by name. You can also refine your search by searching for programs at Prosser, or by searching in the “Journalism, Creative Writing & Media” category. You will find Chicago Kaleidoscopes among the programs listed in those refined searches.
  • Register for Chicago Kaleidoscopes.
  • Once you’ve registered for CK, we can set up an interview.

If you have any questions about Chicago Kaleidoscopes, please feel free to get in contact with me.


Dan Godston


getting ready for the end of the program

We’re nearing the end of the Spring 2016 program! CK teens are revising their poems, short stories and other literary pieces; adding design flourishes to their book covers; recording more audio pieces; and preparing for their performances during tomorrow’s Spring Program Showcase at SRBCC. You’re invited to read the Chicago Kaleidoscopes Anthology for the Spring 2016 term; follow this link to read it.

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