Theater Games

Chicago Kaleidoscopes is listed as a Creative Writing ASM program, and in many ways CK is also an interdisciplinary program. Other art forms such as music, theater, drawing and painting inform CK’s pedagogy. We’ve found that there are many amazing ways by which different art forms can “speak to” and resonate with each other, and multimodal ways of exploring subjects can enrich what teens create and learn. The theory of multiple intelligences informs the pedagogy here too — everybody has different learning styles, and embracing different ways of learning and encouraging different means of self-expression can contribute to a rich educational and artistic environment.

Theater games have been fun, recurring rituals of sorts that has informed CK sessions since last July. Sometimes I come up with the prompts that frame the theater games, and other times the teens have come up with ideas that have driven theater games that we have used.

In addition, CK teens can re-explore themes and other elements of theater games that they have participated in, as they continue working on poems, short stories, and other literary works. They can dive into memories of theater games they were part of, and integrate details of theater games into literary works that appear on the page — or which later can be worked into inter- or transmedia works that have other artistic elements such as audio, video, collage, etc.

— Dan G.



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