Our Guest Speakers in May

Chicago Kaleidoscopes has two weeks left of the spring term, and we have two more guest speakers who are scheduled to visit us in May —

Christen Carter, President/ Owner of Busy Beaver Button Co. Christen started Busy Beaver Button Company while in college and in a punk band. 20 years later, about 20 employees, and about 4 million buttons a year, she still likes it. There’s always something to learn!

Leah Ellenbogen practices and teaches Forrest Yoga, a style created by Ana Forrest, and based on the pillars of breath, strength, integrity and spirit.  Leah was gifted the practice by a dear friend in 2009 and instantly knew it was a gift meant to be shared.  With Forrest Yoga, Leah has successfully restored her own body from past sports-related injuries, has met and moved through psychological barriers, and now uses these experiences to teach others how to walk in the path of beauty.

We’re looking forward to these upcoming guest speakers, and we’re thankful that they’re sharing their talents and experience with us.


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