Our Guest Speakers in April

Chicago Kaleidoscopes has several guest speakers in April, and we’re grateful that these individuals have generously offered to share their time and talents with us!

Tanner McSwain is the owner of Uncharted Books, an independent bookstore in Logan Square. Tanner will talk about his background in creative writing. He will also talk about starting and running Uncharted Books (including branding, SWOT analysis, and public programs at his bookstore). Tanner will also help out with collaborative small group activities, when Chicago Kaleidoscopes teens will develop worlds in as-of-yet uncharted places.

Uncharted Books

Jayson Huynh was born and in California, raised by his parents who immigrated from Vietnam and the Philippines. Jayson served in the U.S. Army; he was deployed four times — twice to Afghanistan, once to Iraq, and once to Northern Midanao (Philippines). Currently Jayson works as an intelligence analyst, and is enrolled at Oakton Community College. Jayson will talk about his experience in the military, how his life has been since he has transitioned into civilian life, and why he decided to go back to college. He will also share a short story that he wrote.

Edwin Anthony Castro is a visual artist who is also getting his M.S. in Clinical Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Anthony gave a talk about murals in Chicago.




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