“Early Play and a Late Day” by Alyssea P.

I open my eyes and see the start of a sunrise.

My den is cozy and warm. It shields me from the rising cold.


I get out and shake my ruffled fur—matted dust comes out,

and my tail becomes like a fluffed brush.


Trotting along the snowy grass I sniff out my meal,

all hiding restless or running for cover.


I close in on my prey. The rat is unaware of my presence.

I feel lucky so I leap and swoosh: I catch him. I carefully look


around, searching for any danger. I drop the rat and breathe

in deeply, looking at the dull but clear sky.


I eat my fill, and then I notice the change in season,

and the long wait for summer to begin has come.


Chasing a few fellow resident foxes I play

and shine, my fiery orange coat replenishing my healthy look.


I say my goodbyes and leave them be, gracefully dodging logs

and fallen trees. I find my den. I look up again in contrast.


It’s a sunset and some stars have come out.

I look one last time, then retreat to my cozy den.


foxes - Keith Crowley

photo: Early Play by Keith R. Crowley (lodgetrail.com), titled after Alyssea’s poem. Image used with permission.


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