Fall 2015 Program Showcase at SRBCC

Fall 2015 Showcase

We’re looking forward to our upcoming fall program showcase, hosted by the Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center. This showcase also features several other youth arts programs. See you there!


“I Have Special Reservations” by Venus H.


So hurt.  So sad. So depressed, and so tired.

1946 was one of the many years when

African Americans suffered injustice and cruelty.

Everything was filled with hate for others

of any color other than white. Not being treated fairly

and being disrespected for being black. Called things

other than the name you were given for being black.


Having limited rights for being black. Not being able

to have a good education for being black.

Is black really that bad of a color? Would you

choose to be to be white if you were black?

What’s so special about being white? That you

can treat others like they are beneath you.

Then maybe you can tell me what color I should be.