Summer 2015 Showcase at SRBCC

Yesterday’s showcase at SRBCC was wonderful. CK teens performed with teens in the Bomba ASM program, and we watched teens in the Bomba program perform. It was a fun way to end the program, and parents and siblings of CK teens came to enjoy the event. In addition, we had several interactive stations at SRBCC where everyone could be creative — such as contribute to the Multimedia Archway and  have fun with the Time Machine Typewriter.

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“Ode To a Honey Bee” by Jonathan B.


Warm summer nights,

Flowers growing.

Your delicate plastics take flight,

Nature is growing.


Intricate hives,

The queen helps workers thrive —

Young ones dive,

You hear a buzzing pass by.


Lilac and scarlet fields

Attract your eye,

Pollinate and ensure

These aesthetics do not die.